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Current Beauty Favorites

Hola Srishfam! This week has been quite good on personal level and I had a light work week as well. There are certain products which I have been completely digging and being in love with, so I thought of sharing my current beauty favorites. Garnier Micellar Water* I am a huge fan of Micellar Water and recently Garnier launched its… Continue reading Current Beauty Favorites

Makeup & Beauty

Review: Boom De Ah Dah Pure Cleansing Water

Hola Srishfam! So, if you are from my social media family, you would know that few days back I went to the Pro Beauty Expo as I was invited by the Shonelle Salon to visit them, and look around for their services. After the meeting got over, I also looked around at the expo, and I… Continue reading Review: Boom De Ah Dah Pure Cleansing Water