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Facial Oils 101!

Hola, So, lovely ladies, I am going to talk about Facial Oils today! Facial Oils have been neglected by me for a long time, as I have super oily skin, and I always thought that  I already have oily skin, and hence using  a facial oil will not help. Well, guys that's not true! Infact, using a… Continue reading Facial Oils 101!


Fashion Talk?

Hola Srishfam! Today, I wanted to talk something different, I mean Fashion! I am a kind of person, who does'nt really bother about clothes much, because I feel if you are comfortable with what you are wearing, you will slay it! I like to keep it very simple when it comes to my clothing style!… Continue reading Fashion Talk?

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My Handbag Essentials- Ft. Clean & Clear

Happy SUNDAY, Srishfam! I have been working in Corporate sector for over two years now, and commuting between Gurgaon and Delhi is quite hectic , considering the fact that I sometimes have to travel over 2 hours one-way because of the traffic. So, I thought of sharing a few essentials products, that I absolutely have… Continue reading My Handbag Essentials- Ft. Clean & Clear


“New” Body Mists by NewU-Review/Picture/Details

NewU recently launched its body mists, and I have been using them for quite some time now, and here is the review of the same! They launched it in three variants- Forever 16, Luscious Bloom and Royal Musk. I have Luscious Bloom and Forever 16 with me. Added on 15th November 2017- They have come up… Continue reading “New” Body Mists by NewU-Review/Picture/Details

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My Weekend Pamper Routine!

With such an hectic schedule , I usually don’t get time to pamper myself at the Salon’s, thus I prefer doing At Home Facials over the weekends, and these days I have been loving the Inatur Herbals- Oily skin Combo- Comprising of Cleanser, Scrub, Facepack and Toner. I begin my At Home Facial, using the  Oil… Continue reading My Weekend Pamper Routine!