Sydney wasn’t done until I visited The Royal National Park !

After a long “discussion” with my buddies (you know who you are incase you reading this) ; which  took us  to Canberra, Hunter Valley, Kangaroo Valley 😛 etc .. etc.. we decided to visit the Royal National Park in Sydney, while I was there for my workation  in June.

{I am glad, they didn’t listen to me and took me to this beautiful place!  Lolz }.

How to commute ?

We boarded a train from my place to Cronulla Station, and after walking for about 3-4 minutes from the Cronulla Train station, we reached the Cornulla Wharf, from where we took a ferry to the Bundeena Beach. Next up we started the trail towards the Wedding Cake Rock, leading to the Marley Beach, (about 6 kms) and on the way, were these beautiful cliff’s edges with ocean waters. It was just serene and a wonderful experience.

 If you are in Sydney, I highly recommend you to visit this place as its just a life time experience specially for someone who is a tourist in Sydney.

Here are some of the snaps, but this doesn’t just do any justice to the view it was!




Bundeena Beach


Trail towards Marley Beach
Cronulla Ferry Wharf
On the way to Royal National Park


On the way to Wedding Cake Rock


Trail to Wedding Cake Rock
Wedding Cake Rock, NSW Sydney


Marley Beach


Hope you enjoyed this blog!




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