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YBP is a relatively new beauty brand in India, and they made an entry in India almost two years back with their YBP Makeup Perfector. It is a beauty blendor that has received a lot of appreciation from the Makeup Gurus of Indian Beauty Industry. Well, if you are someone who loves makeup and follow Indian makeup youtubers, you would have heard about Shreya Jain. She has collaborated with YBP and come up with her own collection which is called YBP Color Crèams and they have launched it in 4 shades- Princess, Mermaid, Witch and Goddess.

I am really glad that the blogging industry is moving in a trend where beauty gurus are collaborating with a brand and launching their own lines. I am super happy for Shreya, as I really adore her and my purchase of the YBP Color Crèam is a just a small hand in supporting her in what she is doing.

Today I am talking about the shade Princess, which is a bright pink neon color.


The YBP Color Crèam (CC) comes in a tube form with a very thin nozzle, which makes the usage very simple as it just squeezes out the right amount of product ie; a dot of product. Also, the tube is quite light weight, and does not leak in the bag, hence making it a very travel friendly product. The product retails for INR 1200 for 18 gm of product.




Well, the YBP CC has a mousse like texture, and is highly pigmented. The intensity of the product can be build up and can be used accordingly on cheeks, lips and eyes. Also, I would like to add here, as a lot of you might have questions that it’s a gloss, it’s not! It doesn’t apply as a glossy finish, it’s a semi-matte finish quite similar to Soft Matte Lip Cremes.


It is a paraben and talc free product and has Rose & Vitamin E Extract. Also, here is a complete list of ingredients:



Currently, this product is available only on


This is a unique product and can be used on Lips, Eyes and Cheeks as shown on the packaging of the product by Shreya. (This cool look was created by Shreya herself!).


Just squeeze a dot of product on the fingers and blend it on your lips, cheeks and eye- lids. That’s about it. This product caters to the need of today’s women who can use this single product and be good to go for blush, lipstick and eye shadows.


Well, I will be biased if I share my take on this, as I really love Shreya, and she is the only reason why I bought this product for myself.

But, keeping my biasness aside, I still really like the product. It stays on for good 5-6 hours on my lips without eating. Post eating, it does fade away a bit leaving a beautiful stain on my lips, Thus, I don’t feel like reapplying it. It does feels very soft on my lips and doesn’t dry out my lips either.

As a blush it stays in for about 3 hours, and keep in mind that I have extremely oily skin; 3 hours is a fair enough time for me. Also, now my lipstick and blush matches which is quite difficult sometimes, and I end up not applying blushes most of the times I do my makeup. I am quite fussy like that. Incase, if you guys have some tips around matching my blush and lipstick,  do share them with me in the comments section below. 😊

I haven’t tested the longevity of it as an eye shadow honestly, but I think if you have really oily lids, it won’t sustain a lot. But setting it up a with a similar powder shadow might help.

The only con of the product to me is that it does stain my fingers, and sometimes gets on to my clothes. I can be messy sometimes. But you just need to remember to wipe off your finger with a cotton pad, post using the YBP CC.: p

I know some of you might find this a bit pricey, but I would still go ahead and give this a go in case you think investing that much amount of money is okay. Overall, I am really happy with the product, and definitely recommend this to anyone who loves makeup.



Yes, I would repurchase this, but honestly getting done with one tube of 18 gm is quite a task as I just don’t have this product to use. However, I might pick up the shade- Witch from the collection.

Hope this review was useful, until next time 😉





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