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Natures Co Vanilla & Vitamin E Face Moisturizer Review

No skincare regime is complete without a good moisturizer. It’s the third essential step in any skincare post cleansing and toning. People have a lot of myths around moisturizing the skin specially for people with oily skin. All skin types require moisturizing, for people with oily skin, one needs to use an oil-free moisturizing cream.

I have been using the Nature’s Co Vanilla Vitamin E Face Moisturizer these days which I got in “My Envy Box”, and sharing my views around it.



It comes in a tub form of packaging, which is quite convenient to use.

Price & Quantity

It retails for INR 995 for 50 ml.


Vanilla Extracts, Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Wheat Germ Oil, Kokum Butter.


My experience

This moisturizer is quite thick in consistency; however, it doesn’t feel very heavy or oily on the skin. I like to use it in the night time, as it does not have SPF, and it gets absorbed in the skin quite effortlessly. Its major ingredient is Vitamin E and Vanilla.

Vitamin E which is beneficial to the skin in numerous ways like it helps in healing the skin, treats sunburns, has anti-ageing properties, lightens scars and nourishes the skin. Vanilla has anti-inflammatory properties and anti- oxidant properties.


The best part about the brand is that it doesn’t contain any parabens, and sulfates or silicones. It is completely organic and I didn’t notice any breakouts due to its usage. So, incase if you are looking out for a natural moisturizer without any chemicals or and at the same time is very nourishing, I do recommend checking out this particular variant by the Nature’s Co. However, I do feel that the product is quite steep in its pricing.

Hope this review was a bit useful. Do let me know your thoughts in the comments section if you have ever tried a Nature’s Co product, or which is your favorite moisturizer?

Until next time;



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