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Maybelline Great Lash Mascara Review. Is it worth buying ?

IMG_5014I consider myself as a beginner when it comes to eye-makeup. It’s very rare that I play with my eye-makeup and whenever I feel like doing a little glam makeup, I end up  putting in one single eyeshadow all over my eye lid, line my eyes with a kohl and apply coats of mascara. I have been quite constant with my mascaras over a few years. Maybelline is one brand which I absolutely trust with Mascaras as they do great mascaras. Last month when I was in Sydney, I did shop quite a bit and picked up the “Great Lash Mascara from Priceline. I also did a haul post, incase you have missed to check it out- its here.

I first spotted this Great Lash Mascara in a Coles Store when I visited Manly beach but didn’t end up buying it as I thought I would want to decide and see what all makeup products I need to purchase, and didn’t want to randomly pick up any product. But then again I spotted this at the Priceline Store and then finally picked it up. Honestly, it was the packaging that was calling out to me. I am sure you all will definitely agree that packaging is really aesthetically pleasing to the eyes, and will definitely look cute sitting in anyone’s vanity.

I have been using this Mascara for over two weeks now, and thought of sharing my views with you all.

Claims by the Brand

  • Blackest Black
  • Voluminous Lashes

IMG_5016My experience

It is black and is liquid in consistency and that’s about it. It did nothing to my lashes. I usually prefer my Mascara to atleast make my lashes to look a little alive. It absolutely did nothing to make my lashes look a little better. I was very disappointed with this product. It retails for AU$ 13.5 which is approximately INR 650, and I definitely regret this purchase of mine. It neither volumize nor did it lengthen my lashes. It just gives a black coat to my natural lashes, and that’s not worth for a mascara which is that price. Maybelline does some amazing mascaras in India like the Colossal, Lash Sensational and more, but unfortunately this particular variant didn’t work for me. Thus, incase you spot this mascara anywhere, I wouldn’t recommend you guys buying it, unless you prefer a mascara which is for everyday wear and just coats your lashes.





That’s my mini review of the Maybelline Great Lash Mascara. Hope this was helpful.




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