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Review: Pantene PRO-V Oil Replacement


I get the most lazy when it comes to oiling my hair. I have been using the Satthwa Hair Oil from past 6 months and I really like it. I got over with it, and have already placed the order for its second bottle. Meanwhile, I also noticed Pantene Oil Replacement in the commercials and also came across its reviews on Instagram. A lot of people had raved about this product, so I decided to get myself a bottle of this as well, as I love trying out new launches.

This is basically an oil in crème form, which is supposed to be non sticky formulae and provides the same nourishment as of the oil. It also claims to reduce hairfall and reduce damage.

It comes in two sizes- 80 ml and 150 ml and retails for INR 85 and 150 respectively.

The bottle is pretty convenient to use, it doesn’t leak at all, and is travel friendly. I remember Garnier also launched this revolutionary product a few years back, which used to come in a yellow tube packaging. I have tried that as well, and was not really happy with it .

I have been using the Pantene PRO-V Oil Replacement for a week, here is what I feel about it.

  • It has a very nice fragrance, which I love and  makes my hair feel fresh.
  • I have used it as a hair oil, and it doesn’t feel sticky or greasy, which is good. But somehow at the back of my mind, I still have doubts about its nourishment on the hair at par with my hair oil.  
  • This definitely works as a quick fix to my frizzy hair. I just apply a little quantity of it on the ends of my hair, and brush my hair with my Tangle Teezer. It makes my hair feel fresh, smooth and frizz free.
  • It works great as a Leave- In conditioner, but I do not see it as an oil replacement.
  • It’s definitely an affordable product.
  • It contains alcohol and is not free from parabens. However, if I compare its price with most of the leave in conditioners available in the market, it definitely is a much affordable product.
  • Incase, you are looking for an affordable leave in conditioner, then I would recommend this product, however, if you are someone who prefers organic products, then this is definitely not your pick.

Hope this review was helpful, do let me know in the comments below, incase you try this out and what’s your take on it ?



PS- This is NOT a sponsored post.

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