Revealing the best kept Secret of the Capital City !


Been born and raised up in Delhi,  I have been a complete Delhiite at heart.  Although,  in the last couple of years,  I felt as if Delhi had nothing more to offer me. As a result,  I gradually started becoming detached to the city. However,  my sister came to my rescue and compelled me to visit Champagali.  I was quite inhibitious,  but after her multiple requests,  I gave in.  (Thank God I did! )

I visited Champagali on December 27, 2017 along with my sister.  We went there by a cab,  had to get off a few meters away from our destination. Finally,  we made it to Champagali-  Land Khasra Number 258, Saket.
I was mesmerized by the beauty of the place.  Away from the hustle-bustle of city life,  it had a soothing effect on me.  We moved ahead and came across a number of cafes-Blue Tokai, Jugmug Thela,  Morellos and handicraft stores-People Tree,  Jugad.

We were hungry,  so we decided to have to our lunch at the Morellos Eating Joint, wherein we had Peri- Peri fries and Pasta. The joint is decently priced, its neither too expensive nor too cheap.

IMG_3858.PNG     IMG_3861.PNG       IMG_3845.JPG

Next, we had our coffee at the Blue Tokai Café, which is a café cum roastery started by a Delhi Couple, and has an artless rustic vibe attached to it. It serves varied blends of fresh coffee, some interesting range of savoury picks and of course some soulful music. They also have an open backyard, which is well equipped.

IMG_3859.PNG      IMG_3860.PNGAfter stuffing ourselves with enough food,  we decided to take a stroll through the lane and ended up visiting Jugmug Thela. The view had an aesthetic feel to it. It also had a reading room. The two handicrafts stores located there are People Tree and Jugad. They deal in all types of Handicraft stuff like notebooks, jewellery. The stuff is good, but is expensive, so I did not pick up anything for myself.

People Tree is a handicraft cum design studio, which has khadi apparels, quirky jelwellery, skincare products and artisy stationary.





IMG_3864.PNG        IMG_3869



If you are in Delhi or visiting Delhi, I highly recommend you to visit to this place!  Make sure make the visit  a part of your bucket list.

Outfit Details

Black Coat: ZARA

Blue Denims & Pink Scarf : Wills Lifestyle

Sneakers: Max Fashion

Sling Bag: Lino Perros

I have really enjoyed writing this post and hope you also liked it as much I did. Let me know in the comments section below, if you will visit there or have already been there ?



Disclaimer: All the pictures are owned by me, please do not copy any content without my permission. Also, this is NOT a sponsored post.

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