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Vanity Cask Glow Edition- November 2017- Unboxing |Discount Code


Hola Srishfam!

I am unboxing the Vanity Cask Subscription Box for the month of November 2017 which is called the Glow Edition!

Vanity Cask is a monthly subscription box that helps you to stay in touch with the latest global development in the world of beauty. Vanity Cask contains samples of luxury beauty brands, hand picked by experts to suit our Indian Women.


Subscription Plans:

  • 1 month – 999 INR
  • 3 months – 2399 INR (800 INR per month)
  • 6 months – 4199 INR (700 INR per month)You can avail a free gift on every VanityCask box by using the code APSPSR
  • You can buy the box from their official website So you can buy the box for-
  • November Glow Edition with a free gift
  • 2399 INR for 3 months with a Limited Edition BVlGARI Box FREE
  • 4199 INR for 6 months with a Limited Edition BVlGARI Box and an additional month FREE

 Products in the Vanity Cask GLOW Edition

  • Bliscent Pineapple Kiss Lip Scrub (Full Size)- Price- INR 200 – It contains beeswax, jojoba oil, shea butter, sugar and skin flavor oil


  • Gulnare Aloe Vitamin Face Cream (30 gms)- INR 550 for 50 gms- It contains Alovera, Vitamin E Oil, Cucumber



  • MCaffeine Sea Ferns Caffeine Sunscreen (50 gm)- INR 529 for 150 ml- It contains licorice extract, turmeric extract, calendula extract, caffeine



  • Mom’s Therapy Coffee Body Scrub (50gm)- INR 175- It contains brown sugar, glycerin, coffee ground, grape seed oil, black sesame oil.



  • Votre White Essence Advance Brightening Scrub (30 gms)- INR 850-for 100 gms. It has ingredients like Aloevera, licorice, blackberry, turmeric extract, carica papaya


  • Also you get a 10% discount code of Paul Penders, and 30% discount coupon for Shop BBlingg


My take

I like the fact that the products are paraben free, and are as close to natural ingredient as they can be. This is a luxury box, which I would recommend splurging on only if you are keen on trying new products at one time. However, you are looking for quantity of the products over quality, then I wouldn’t really recommend this box to you. Vanity Cask is a great way of discovering new brands, which I did. Apart from Mcaffeine, I had not heard of these brands before, so yes that’s a YaY! Once a while, when you think you would need to splurge on, then definitely go ahead, and incase you are keen on buying this month’s GLOW Edition, then don’t forget to use the Discount Code: APSPSR !


Do let me know incase you buy this months Vanity Cask ?





*Disclaimer: This post is in association with Vanity Cask, however the views expressed above are completely unbiased and honest.








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