All about Cool Sculpting ft. Skin Alive

Hola Srishfam!

We all struggle with removing stubborn fat from our body.  Increased fat in the body is because of Lack of Exercise, PCOD, more consumption of high fat food, increase in age, and we all want to get rid of it? Isn’t it?

Skin Alive Clinic, Panchsheel Park, New Delhi

I was recently invited the by the Skin Alive Clinic for a session on Cool Sculpting, which is a method of removing body fat by clinical means, and thus I thought of sharing it with you guys!

  • Cool Sculpting is a process of removing excess fat from the body by clinical means. It freezes the body fat and flushes out of the body.
  • During the session a gel pad and applicator are applied ot the targeted area.
  • All Applicators deliver controlled cooling to the targeted fat.
  • It usually requires a session of 35-40 minutes for each body part.
  • You can return to the normal activities immediately after the Cool Sculpting Procedure
  • The most dramatic results are shown in 1-3 months
  • Its kind of a permanent fix, but of course you got to avoid junk food in the long run. For even better results, you can go for another Cool Sculpting session after 4 days of the first session.
  • It starts from INR 45000



The services are available in all the centers of Skin Alive. You can check out the details on their official website here.

Let me know if you guys have any questions! I will try and get the expert advice and get your queries sorted!




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