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Aroma Magic Spalon Experience: Protien Hair Spa & Foot Reflexology

Hola Srishfam!

I was recently invited by the Aroma Magic Team to their Hauz Khas Spalon for experiencing their beauty services, so I thought I should share my experience with you all.


Firstly, let me talk about the ambience a bit, the moment I stepped into the Spalon, it looked so beautiful to me, absolutely serene and calm. The location of the Spalon is very thoughtfully chosen, we can see greenery through the windows, which makes the salon very quiet and peaceful. The first scene on entrance is their retail shop, wherein all the products are displayed beautifully. Next up is their pedicure /manicure section. The beauty rooms, and hair rooms were on the first floor. The entire ambience of the place is very quiet and serene, and is very aesthetically pleasing to eyes. The brand is very close to nature when it comes to picking up the ingredients for their products, and they use the same products in providing the services at their Spalon.

Retail Section, Aroma Magic Spalon


Beauty Section, Aroma Magic Spalon
Beauty Section, Aroma Magic Spalon

You got lost in the beauty ? Isn’t the place so beautiful? 🙂

Protein Hair Spa

I chose to have a protein Hair Spa done, as my hair was very frizzy on the day I visited the salon, and the therapist there explained the benefits of having a protein Hair Spa. This spa is basically designed to work both on the scalp and hair. It was an hour long service, and the best part is that I knew exactly as to what product is being applied on my hair, as it was made fresh in front of me. The Hair Spa started off with an oil massage. The oil was a mixture of Aroma Magic Hair Massage Oil and Castor Oil, which helps in promoting hair growth. The therapist gave me a relaxing massage with the oil for about 5-7 minutes. Those 5-7 minutes definitely made me more comfortable and relaxed, and served as a prelude for upcoming hour, and definitely made me believe that I am going to have a good time.

Next up, he started preparing the Hair Mask for the Spa, which was an emulsion of Aloe Vera Shampoo, Conditioner, Grapefruit Face Wash, Non- Fruit Vinegar and Glycerin. I would re-iterate here that it was made fresh in front of me, and then he applied the same to my scalp till the hair ends, with a gentle head and back massage again which went on for next 15 minutes. Next up, hot steam was given, wrapping my hair in hot wet towel for next 10 minutes. Next up, the therapist washed my hair using the Aroma Magic Shampoo and Conditioner.

Me at the Aroma Magic Spalon, getting a Hair Spa done

Finally, the service ended with a little bit of blow drying and styling. The protein Hair Spa costs INR 1000 plus taxes.

My hair after the hair Spa


I think I need not mention much, I just have to say that I loved it, my hair felt definitely soft, and frizz less, and the best thing was that my hair smelled so good, for the next 25-28 hours. This is an amazing Hair Spa at a price of INR 1000. I would definitely recommend it.


Foot Reflexology

 After, the Hair Spa, I also went ahead with their Foot Reflexology. The session began with cleaning my feet with luke warm water mixed with Aroma Magic Tea tree oil which has anti- bacterial and anti-fungal properties.

Pedicure /Manicure Section, Aroma Magic Spalon


After cleaning my feet, a gentle massage was given accumulating the pressure on the pulse points of the feet with the mixture of Aroma Magic Lavender Essential Oil and Olive Oil. Lavender oil helps in relieving any pain/stress and Olive oil was used as a carrier oil. The massage went on for almost 20-25 minutes, which made feel I am in heaven as it was so relaxing, and I felt so pampered.The therapist exactly knew which oils to use for the reflexology and also knew the benefits of the same. The foot reflexology costs INR 650 plus taxes.

Overall Experience

I loved both the services, absolutely amazing and I definitely recommend you guys to check out the place.

The address is :

No. 1, Part 1, next to Naivedyam, Village, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016


  • Serene Ambience
  • Trained Professionals
  • Natural products
  • Relaxing Sessions
  • Excellent service & quality
  • Affordable


  • None

Spexysrish Rating : 5/5

Hope you guys enjoyed reading my posts, let me know if you guys visit there or if you guys have tried out their products ?

Until next time!



*Disclaimer: This post is in Association with Aroma Magic by Blossom Kochhar. The opinion expressed above are entirely unbiased and honest.

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