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Paul Penders comes to India

Hola Srishfam!

Today, I want to talk about a completely Vegan & Organic Skincare & Makeup brand called “Paul Penders”. It’s USA brand and has launched in India now. Fortunately, I have had a chance to be associated with them, try out their products, and also I attended a Master class hosted by Namrata Soni at Claridges Hotels , New Delhi. This was the first time I met Namrata Soni, and she brilliantly explained some cool hacks, and walked us through a lot about the brand. It was definitely a learning experience, so I thought of sharing it with you guys!





Let me take you guys through some of their products which I personally liked!

Perfecting Cover Up Stick

This is a bullet form concealer, which is not really high on coverage, but it’s amazing for everyday use. It has all natural ingredients, and comes in one shade. I have been liking it so far.



Marigold Handcreme

This is a light fast absorbing, non- greasy natural formula which helps to restore natural moisture balance. I have been quite liking the product, its fragrance is very lively, and fresh and has floral notes.



4 in 1 Vegan Care BB Cream

The BB Cream is available in three shades- Light, Medium & Dark. It is a very non greasy formula, and has white color when dispensed, however, it adapts to the skin color as it oxidizes once it gets in contact with the skin. It does not have a very high longevity, or coverage, but is definitely that I would pick up for my office makeup look as I like to keep it very light during the day time, and for my office.



Natural Cream Lipsticks & Natural Mascara

Paul Penders also has Lipsticks in 8 shades-

  • Raspberry- a brighter pink- purple, like the wild berries that grow in late summer
  • Mulberry- a lighter blue pink that illuminates cool skin tones
  • Rosewood- a cool medium-red, like early morning in a field of roses
  • Peony- an intense pink with azure undertones
  • Cinnabar- a spicy redish brown that perfectly complements warmer skin tones
  • Sandstone- a warm medium pink
  • Maple- the pale warm pink of new buds in spring
  • Tearose- the light blush pink



I am yet to try out their lipsticks & Mascara, will surely keep you guys posted on these!

That’s all for today,

Until next time!







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