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A Simple Skincare Secret, ft. VLCC


 I can’t emphasize enough as to how important is to keep your skin clean, and a cleanser or a facewash helps in doing that. I use a cleanser twice a day, and my choice is preferably is always a Neem based cleanser, as I have oily and acne prone skin. Neem has anti- bacterial and anti –fungal properties, which helps the skin prevent pimples/acne.

No matter how many skin care products I would try, I always go back to natural and skincare and when it comes to cleansers, I like to keep it simple and something which I can repurchase again, hence its important for me to have a cleanser which is not only effective but affordable as well. The cleansers which claims more than being effective, do not usually catch my eyes.

VLCC is a brand, which I have been using since ages, I am a regular buyer of their Green Tea, and their lip balms have been my favorite. I have now added VLCC Double Power Double Neem Face wash, to my skin care routine, and honestly I am quite liking the effect.


Firstly, which makes me chose this product over others is that it is paraben free, and is formulated with Natural properties of Ayurveda. Also, its soap free formulation.

It has Neem as its main ingredient, especially in the form of Neem Oils & extract. It does also contain Eucalyptus Oil, which is known for its healing properties.


The texture of this face wash is quite runny, and it gives a tingly effect to my skin for about 3-4 minutes after every wash, which just ensures that the product is working.

It does control oil, however definitely the mattyfing effect for oily skin just cannot be achieved by a cleanser. I have a complete skin care routine, which I follow.

It is priced at INR 55 for 50 m.l of product, and also comes in a Haldi & Chandan variant, which I have used and incase you guys want me to share my experience on it, do let me know in the comments section below, I would love to do it for you guys!

That’s about it for today!



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