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Review: Forever 21 Brush Egg

Hey Srishfam!

By now, you all must know how much I love makeup. As much as makeup excites me, cleaning makeup brushes that is something I really don’t want to do. But, its not very hygienic to use dirty brushes. A few days back I spotted this cute brush cleaner called “Brush Egg” at Forever 21, and instantly picked it up, thus I wanted to share the review with you all.



The brush egg is made up with silicon based material; retails for INR 249, and comes in multiple colors. It has two types of impressions, the stripe one is broad surface brushes, and dots one is for smaller brushes like the eye brushes.


How to use

The packaging comes with its own instructions of using it:

Step 1: Put soap (Brush cleanser)

Step 2: Scrub the brushes on the surface

Step 3: Rinse the brush

Step 4: Finish and let the brushes dry





My take

I have tried cleaning different types of brushes using the Brush Egg, and it does clean the brushes. However, since it’s very small in surface, it may not be very feasible for makeup artist, or people who apply heavy makeup on regular basis since they have a lot of brushes to clean, and using the brush egg may be time consuming. To me it suffice; as I have some limited number of brushes to clean every week. It does the job, it does clean my brushes nicely. Also, since its so small, it does become travel friendly. And, I would recommend changing your brush egg, every 6 months, to maintain the hygiene. So, if you are someone like me, who has a limited number of brushes to clean, I would recommend this to you.

I got mine from Forever 21, however a similar one is available on Amazon as well. You can buy it here.


Let me know if you have tried the Brush egg ?







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