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3 step Pedicure at Home ft. Oriflame

Hola Srishfam!

Today I am talking about my little pedicure routine that I have been following for over three weeks now. So, Lets begin. I have been using the “Oriflame Nature Secrets – Nettle & Lemon” Pedicure Kit. The Kit comprises of the following:

  • Foot Soak
  • Foot Scrub
  • Foot Massage Cream
  • Cuticle Softner

This is a luxurious kit formulated to protect and renew feet and nails. This range has Lemon Oil and purifying Nettle extracts. It retails for INR 1399.


Lemon helps in cleansing toxins, and rejuvenates energy and also acts a bug repellent, whereas Nettle is used in many medicinal herbs in order to relieve of the ailments and pain.

Step: 1 I like to take some Luke warm water and squeeze a very little amount of the foot soak in it. This foot soak, has a very fresh and lemony scent to it. It just releases the tensions, and cleans my feet of all the dirt. Also, I love the fact, that it doesn’t dry out my feet.

Step: 2 Next up I like to use the Foot Scrub, which is my favorite out of the entire kit. I like to exfoliate my legs using this, and exfoliation actually helps in getting rid of all the dead cells, and make the feet look cleaner, breathable. This scrub has a slight tingy sensation to it, which actually makes me feel more relaxing.

Step: 3 Next up I use the Foot Crème, which is quite nourishing, and soft on the skin. It has a lemon scent, and thus appropriate for the feet. I like to use this every night before sleeping, as it makes my feet soft and supple, and who doesn’t want that ??

The kit also has a cuticle softener, which is actually great! Its specially for the nails, I use it on my hand feet nails both.It softens and moisturizes the nails and its so tiny that it even fits to the smallest of my bag.

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Have you guys tried out the Oriflame Nature Secrets – Nettle & Lemon” Pedicure Range?






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