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Shree India- New Collection Launch Event

Hola Srishfam,

So, today I am writing about an event that I recently attended. It’s the Shree India’s event. This event was organized in Mapple, Rajokri.


The event saw the new vibrant, ethnic collection launch of the Summer” 18. The main motive behind the whole concept and collection of reallocating the idea of Indian tradition and couture was to revive the Indian traditional wear. They presented their collection entitled – “Old wine in a new Bottle” – richness of Indian Printing techniques were presented in the form of modern Silhouettes like flares, dresses, gowns, and many more styles that cannot take their eyes off.


Shree the Indian Avatar showcased its 10 New Collections. Starting with Dabu Collection which was a beautiful combination of indigo blues and manifesting act of the playful color story represents the crafts passed on from one generation to another unaffected of the ravages of time. Followed by Jamawar Ethnic’17-18 and Jamawar Fusion’17-18 showcasing stories through the tapestry of threads woven together to honor the cultural craft of Kashmir. The warp and the weft threads spoke louder than words themselves and make Kashmir known. The Pathri & Bagru Print Collection’17 Bagru showcased the equilibrium of nature. The monochromatic composition and the glorious cast of colors revived the dying art of Bagru and pathri printing. Craft of Kutch Collection’18 The needle and thread depicted an embroidered tale of mirrors and colors. The collection was inspired by the Kutch embroidery of Gujarat. The Chanderi Collection’17 The Regal Radiance of Chanderi was a collection of gowns made to celebrate womanhood. The collection personified women as the ray of light on a dark night that enchants everything with her beauty & gaze. Dawn To Dusk – Summer Collection’18 Representing the passage of time during the day, from dusk to noon and finally transforming into the night to capture the captivating beauty of evolution by presenting the summer collection of 2018. The Mystic Artwork Collection ’18

Infusing artworks and surface textures creating patterns of mesmerizing beauty. The label presented their Mystic Summer Collection 2018. Shree’s New Launch The ultimate and the most awaited one, the new launch of Shree men’s prêt collection stated minimalism. The design detailing redefines the aura of classic Indian ethnicity.

Indian Emporium (Venture of SHR Lifestyles)

Shree “The Indian Avatar” in an association with Indian emporium has ventured into being part of the big day by creating a new canvas that the customers can themselves paint on, they were personally consulted for choosing the fabric, silhouettes, embroidery detailing etc delivering worldwide with many customers at affordable prices, highlighting the rich Indian culture and exquisite craftsmanship. They presented the beautiful amalgamation of ideas of the customers with the guidance of the designers to produce an extraordinary product.

The Grand Finale: Svarna – The Festive Collection

Svarna was inspired from the blocks used in block printing. Each wooden block denotes a building block of life of the artisans, a hand crafted starting point, which tells endless stories of beauty and struggles. The prints represented the struggles they have conquered that made their stories ‘golden’. Svarna exhibits the elegance & enchanting charm of Gold Foil. The show stopper for the collection was Sunil Dabas – Indian National Women Kabaddi Coach.

Dabu 4.jpg
Dabu Collection




jamawar ethnic 3.jpg
Jamawar Ethnic





Show stopper Sunil Dabas with Sheetal and Sandeep Kapoor.jpg
Co- founders of Shree- Sheetal & Sandeep Kumar


That’s it for today guys!



*Disclaimer : This post is in association with SHR Lifestyles Pvt. Ltd.

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