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Nykaa Rakhi Sale Haul

Hola Srishfam!

Welcome to yet another bonus post!

As you all know by now, I am a beauty hoarder, I love trying and buying new beauty products all the time. Now, Nykaa has an ongoing Rakhi Sale , and also I was running out of a few essentials, thus I thought I would restock on those. Let’s get to the picks!

Plum’s Nature Studio All Day Wear Kohl

Original Price: INR 425

Sale Price: INR 340

Firstly, I picked up the Plum Kajal as I ran out of my Lotus Eco stay Long Wear Kohl. I quite love the Lotus one, but I wanted to try something new, so I picked up the Plum Kajal. I have heard really raved reviews about the product, so I decided to give this a shot. Now, I have used this Kajal twice as of now, and noted that it did stay on my eyes the whole day and didn’t smudge at all. Its quite dark and opaque, and thus I don’t regret this purchase at all.


Swatch- Single swipe



Dirty Works You Soft Touch Hand Crème

Original Price: INR 550

Sale Price: INR 405

Moving on to the next purchase, I like my hands to be soft all the time, and ever since I have got into a habit of applying hand crème, there is no going back. I have used the Innisfree and Inatur Hand cremes in the past, and did not have any complaints with them, but I wanted to try something new. While browsing the website, I noticed this brand called “Dirty Works”, and the packaging attracted me towards it, hence I decided to pick this up. I will keep you guys posted about this particular one.


Gillette Venus Breeze Refills

Original Price :INR 350

Sale Price: INR 350 (No difference)

I think by now, you all must  be aware how much I love my Venus Breeze razor, and I have been vouching for it. I ran out of its blades, and thus I bought the refills for it. This pack contains two blades, which are sufficient enough for next three months. You can read my review of the razor here.


Kara Face Wipes & Nail Polish Remover

Next two items are from Kara Wipes, which are my earlier purchase from Nykaa, but I decided to include them here. Kara Aloe & Cucumber Wipes and the Lemon, Olive Oil & Vitamin E Nail Polish Remover wipes. They both are Alcohol Free, and I would just want to say that I love them. They are super affordable, and travel friendly.

*PS : Please don’t mind the condition of the packaging of the Face wipes, I have used them quite a bit, and its quite a loved product. 😛


Also, just wanted to add here, that I did not face any delivery issues with Nykaa, as usually heard over the web. I placed my order on Monday, and received them within 3 days, ie; Thursday. However, I do like to mention that one of my order from Nykaa was delayed by 20 days, when I ordered in a sale period, but this time I was completely satisfied with the service. Also, the products were received in the best of its condition.

Do let me know your picks in the comments below .







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