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Review: Boom De Ah Dah Pure Cleansing Water

Hola Srishfam!

So, if you are from my social media family, you would know that few days back I went to the Pro Beauty Expo as I was invited by the Shonelle Salon to visit them, and look around for their services.

After the meeting got over, I also looked around at the expo, and I saw a lot of Korean brands with their Kiosks, which really looked exciting to me. I happened to pick up Pure Cleansing Water by a brand called “Boom De Ah Dah” . The name looked very funny to me but it actually means “We love the whole World”!

As much as I love makeup, I also love my squeaky clean face before going to bed. Its really important to remove makeup, as sleeping with the makeup on can cause breakouts, early ageing of the skin. I love using Micellar Water for cleaning my makeup as they are very light weight, and removes makeup along with cleansing the face. However, I would suggest if you are someone who wears heavy makeup, then an oil based makeup remover should be used.


This pure cleansing water by the brand looked quite interesting to me, and wasn’t heavy at the pocket as well, thus I gave this one a shot.

I had heard a lot of good things about Korean Skincare, and I have had good experiences with the Korean brand “Innisfree” in the past. So, I  had high hopes with this as well. I have used this product for over two weeks, now, here is the review of the same.

Packaging, Price & Quantity

The pure cleansing water comes in a cardboard box, with a plastic matte clear bottle with a flip top cap. Honestly, I really feel the packaging is quite luxe, and I love it. However, the cap does leak a bit, so its not very travel friendly.

This one costed me INR 400 for 300 ml.



Here is the list of ingredients;



Texture, Consistency

The texture is very light, and runny, and it did not cause any breakouts or acne. It has a very mild fragrance as well.

My take

Oh my God! I love this product, ever since I  have started using this, I haven’t gone back to my previous makeup removers. It removes makeup, excess oil very effectively, and cleanses my face at the same time. I don’t need a cleanser post using this Pure cleansing water. It removes my water- proof base makeup as well, however, I do struggle removing my Water-proof Mascara with it. I know what you guys are thinking next, it doesn’t sting my eyes, whatsoever. This can be easily used as an Eye- Lip Makeup Remover as well, though the brand has a separate Eye-Lip Makeup Remover. Overall, I really love it, and I am scared that I might not be able to get my hands on this again, as it is not very easily available. I tried looking for it online, and found it on YES STYLE. However it is triple the price there , and I am not sure whether I would like to invest in that amount of money on this makeup remover.

Do let me know, incase you have tried this product yet or if you can find this online anywhere else in India ?








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