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Review: Urbanclap Hair Spa Services




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Hola Srishfam!

So as you all know I have a full time job and this blog to manage, it really gets difficult for me to take out time for myself. However, this weekend I decided to go on a Work Detox and booked Urban Clap Hair Spa services to pamper myself. I have already shared a mini review of their Services on my Instagram, which you can check here

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Urban Clap Services

Urban Clap has numerous services ranging from Beauty, Home Services & Repairs, Events and Weddings, Business Services, Lessons & Hobbies and more which can be booked using their app. You can find all the details on their app, which is free and is available for iOS/Android Users . Download here

My Experience with Urban Clap

The beautician came right in time, and set up everything on her own very neatly. I really like the fact, that she got all the equipments herself for Hair Spa. The only thing she asked me for; was Water. She used the Loreal Hair Spa Crème, which is usually preferred in all salons. The service costed INR 749 (Inclusive of taxes), which I thought was quite affordable compared to other beauty Salons. The moment I booked my services, it gave me a notification on the app to wash my hair atleast one hour before the beautician arrives, as the Hair Spa did not include shampooing my hair. The beautician also gave me a neck and back massage. Post the massage, she also gave a hot steam to my hair as part of the Hair Spa procedure.

After wrapping up with the Hair Spa Service, she cleaned everything very nicely and kept everything back in its proper place.


The After effect

I was quite satisfied with the after effect, it was not miraculous, but it’s usually the way it has always been after a spa. However, I would like to mention that the beautician advised me to not wash hair after the spa, however my hair felt greasy, thus I had to wash my hair.


Overall Recommendation

If you are someone like, who keeps busy throughout the time, I would recommend you to opt for their services, as they are affordable and can be accessed at the comfort of your own home.


That’s all for today. Thanks for making it till here 🙂






  • This blogpost isn’t sponsored.
  • The Instagram post is in association with the Urbanclap . However, as usual my opinion is not biased.

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  1. i have been using urbanclap for a long time after seeiing their internet advertisements & yes it helps a lot it gives you details of places which you never knew are there & then you can compare the best pricing

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