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Love Rain?? But…. :(

Hola Srishfam!

So, its been a great weather in Delhi these days and its my favorite time of the year, its MONSOONS…

No doubt there is lot of traffic on the roads but with the weather being pleasant, it just gets easier to tackle the difficult situations on the roads, and guess what I have just come up with some Monsoon tips for you guys! So let’s begin


  • Go on for Coffee dates- Personally I love Coffee and I feel monsoon is the best time to enjoy coffee with your special someone! So, incase you have that someone special someone in your life, make the most out of it. Else, if you are a person like me, who would love to work more in coffee shops, just grab your laptop, and run into the “World of Scrumptious coffee”.


Well, getting on to the next few things; I thought of sharing a few essentials you must have during Monsoon!


  • Always do keep handy a few essentials like- Umbrella, Mosquito Repellent and a mini Towel.





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  • In addition to the above, I like to wear my Crocs during Monsoons, because they are easily washable even if they get dirty.


  • Try wearing a legging/jegging instead of denims, as they dry off quickly.


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  • If you are someone like me who carries the gadgets along, then you must carry it in a water- proof case, so that  your gadgets are safe. Also, if possible, use a water- proof wallet and bag to protect your essentials.
rubber wallet
  • During Monsoons, if your hair get wet, they might start smelling bad, so my tip is to keep an Alcohal free perfume and a hairbrush handy. Whenever, you feel, your hair smells bad, just spray a little bit of perfume on the hairbrush, and brush your hair with it, and Walla you are done! I like to use the “Inatur” White Flower Body Mist, as it alcohol free and has a very pleasant fragrance.



{8} Inatur, White Flower Body Mist



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  • Now, its very important to smell good all day long, especially in this season. A perfume/Body mist has very less content of perfume oil, and hence you need something, which has oil content more than the usual perfumes. I discovered the Rose & Geranium Bath Oil by Inatur Herbals, and trust me it has to be the best ever product I have ever tried. It works as a shower gel, body moisturizer and a perfume, and lasts just all day long. Whenever I apply it, I can’t stop smelling myself. Its an investment product but completely worth each and every single penny.
{9}Inatur Rose & Geranium Bath Oil


Those were my essentials, do let me know in the comments section below; what’s your Monsoon essential ?






  • This post is in association with Inatur Herbals
  • Above pictures namely- 2,4,5,6,7 are sourced  locally from google, if any has issues with it, please write me an e-mail and I would take it down.
  • Pictures- 1, 8,9 are owned by me
  • Picture 3 is taken from Inatur Herbals Instagram, after taking due permission.






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