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Himalaya Tan Removal Range- First Impressions

Hola Srishfam!

If you follow me on Instagram, then you would know that I attended the Pro beauty Expo this week on Monday which was the day of Eid. It was also the hottest day of this summer that day, and when I came back home, my skin looked a little dull, and tanned! So I decided to give Himalaya “Tan Removal” range a try, and here is what I felt!


This range has three products:

Tan Removal Orange Face Wash (Price- INR 130 for 100 ml)

Tan Removal Orange Face Scrub (Price- INR 130 for 100 g)

Tan Removal Orange Peel- Off Mask (Price- INR 130 for 100 g)

Himalaya Herbals Tan Removal Range


The beauty of the range is the fragrance- Its citrusy, tangy Orangy!!

So, after spending the whole day out in this Summer weather, I thought of pampering myself with a mini “At Home Facial”.

Started off with the Tan Removal Face Wash, which has ingredients like Orange Peel, Honey and Papain which is supposed to reduce skin tan. It just refreshed my skin, and made my skin look brighter.

Next, I exfoliated my face using the Tan Removal Orange Scrub. It has Orange Peel and Oatmeal as ingredients which gently exfoliated, smoothened, and lightened my tan. This is perhaps my favorite product out of the entire range. I completely loved it, and it does deliver what it claims! So, I am definitely going to get more uses out of this product.



Finally, to wrap up the Pamper session, I applied a thick layer of the  Tan Removal Orange Peel of Mask, and left it for 15 minutes on my face. Then, I removed it with cleansed hands. Always make sure to sanitize your hands before and after applying a face mask/Peel off Mask! Also, I have tried their Neem Peel Off Mask earlier, and I completely loved it. I have emptied an entire tube of their Neem Peel off Mask, and that is definitely there on my repurchase list.

Thus, I had high hopes from the Orange Tan Removal Mask as well. This one did a fairly good job, however, I would recommend you to use the entire range for Tan Removal instead of just the Peel Off Mask. The amalgamation of the Trio gave me the desired result.

Himalaya Tan Removal Peel- Off Mask


So, I absolutely loved the range and I highly recommend it. You can check out the entire range here : Himalaya Herbals


Have you tried the Himalaya Tan Removal Range yet ?

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