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Facial Oils 101!


So, lovely ladies, I am going to talk about Facial Oils today!

Facial Oils have been neglected by me for a long time, as I have super oily skin, and I always thought that  I already have oily skin, and hence using  a facial oil will not help. Well, guys that’s not true! Infact, using a facial oil should be must for Oily Skin people!

This is because oil is produced in an effort to regulate the skin when the oil-water content is out of balance. “So if you’re trying to combat congested, oily skin by using harsh, stripping products that remove your skin’s natural oils, your body will actually overcompensate for the reduction of oils by producing even more oil, which further aggravates the sebaceous glands’ activity, clogging pores and causing breakouts.” Which means, by applying oil to skin instead of trying to remove what’s already there, sebaceous glands shouldn’t feel the need to kick into overdrive, and skin will stay balanced.

But, you must be thinking, which facial oils are good ?

Well, any oil which has anti- inflammatory properties, and is anti- bacterial, should be suitable for all skin types.

I have been using the Palmer’s Facial Oil these days, and it has ingredients like-Natural Cocoa Butter, Retinol and Vitamin C.

Skin Therapy Oil for Face


Cocoa Butter helps prevent dryness and peeling, Vitamin C and Retinol  are anti- ageing ingredients.

I like to apply it as a night cream, and it gives my face as a nourished and supple feel when I wake up the next day morning. Also, I feel with the usage of this oil, my T-zone looks less oily in the morning, compared to the times when I wasn’t using the oil. So, a big YAY!

Also, following are three ways you can include a Facial Oil in your regime if you have Dry /Normal Skin type!


  • Using Facial Oil as a Night Cream
  • Mixing Facial Oil with Day Cream, this way you can combine the benefits of your day cream and the Facial Oil
  • Mixing Foundation and Facial Oil  help you achieve a dewy finish look, whenever I want!


In all this product has worked in favor of me, let me know in the comments section below; which facial oils have you tried ?


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