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My Handbag Essentials- Ft. Clean & Clear

Happy SUNDAY, Srishfam!

I have been working in Corporate sector for over two years now, and commuting between Gurgaon and Delhi is quite hectic , considering the fact that I sometimes have to travel over 2 hours one-way because of the traffic.

So, I thought of sharing a few essentials products, that I absolutely have to have in my bag, when I am out.

I try to keep it light, when I am travelling, and hence I am sharing my absolute staples here!

Clean & Clear Face Wash

This is must have product in my bag these days, as I have oily skin, and whenever I need that instant relief when I am at work, I splurge myself into the water treats along with the pinch of this face wash. This is so portable, as it’s tiny and fits into even the smallest of my pouches.



Face Wipes

I like to carry face wipes with me, because let’ face it, its soo HOT in here, and I need this for refreshing my face.



This is another necessity, as I have a oily T-Zone, and I need to retouch up my makeup atleast once in 6 hours.

FullSize coRender.jpg

Lip Balm

Its an absolute essential as I can’t stand dry lips, and I like to apply this whenever I feel I need extra hydration on my Lips!

FullSiz freRender

Hand Sanitizer & Hand Cream

Sanitizer, ofcourse I need this, as I have to get in touch with office supplies/computers/laptops/printers and washrooms , and it could be a breeding ground for bacteria, if I don’t sanitize my hands. Post sanitization, my hands tend to feel very dry and hence I always keep my hands moisturized with a hand crème.

FullSize sanRender

FullSizeR hc ender


Sanitary Napkins

Whether you are on those days of the month or not, you absolutely need atleast two sanitary napkins in your bag! You never know, who might need it!

FullSizeRe gh nder.jpg


Its absolutely required to keep a body Mist/perfume so that I can apply whenever I feel I need to smell good and WHY NOT?

FullSizeRend gb er



Hair Brush & Hair Ties

I always keep a Hair Brush and Hair Ties in my bag, because maximum of the times I keep my hair open, so I need to do my hair quite often, in order to have  tangle free hair!

FullSizeRende gh r.jpg


That’s it Gals! Do let me know, what do you keep in your bags in the comments section below, I would love to read your comments!





  • This post is in association with Clean & Clear
  • I don’t own any of the pictures except the first one. However, I do keep them in my handbag.   If anyone has issues with anyone of the pictures above, please email me and I would take it down.



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