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Moments you won’t have to miss, if you are Smooth

Welcome back Srishfam!

So, I have been quite occupied with my work these days, and hence I have a few posts scheduled for this week, beforehand!

Well, keeping up with my office work, specially being in Big-4 and this page, is quite hectic, and tedious! But, I am not complaining, I love what I do, there have been so many instances when I am not able to take out time for myself or give myself a pampering session. There are a quite a few moments listed below, which I or any other girl may miss, if not smooth! Personally as well, I have had missed these moments a number of times, because I wasn’t smooth! So, I got acquainted with shaving almost a year and a half back, and ever since I have been doing it, there is absolutely no looking back!

A lot of us girls still hesitate to shave, as there are a lot of myths about shaving like Ingrown Hair, Dark Hair Growth, Faster growth, thick hair growth. Well, I would like to burst the bubble of myths here and absolutely recommend “Shaving” as the method of Hair Removal as it does not do any of things mentioned above! It’s just a technique that you need to try once, and you would never go back to the traditional methods of hair removal.

First lets read, what are the moments, that a girl might miss, if she isn’t “SMOOTH” !


FullSizeRendey r
Wearing my favorite pair of shorts and going out
FullSizeRender h.jpg
A sudden Movie Plan


       A lunch Date, with the Special Someone
A Pool Session
FullSizeRende 2r.jpg
Walk by the Beach
FullSizeRender am
Workout at the Gym
A visit to a Holy Place, Bare Foot


These days, I have been using the Venus Breeze Razor, which is absolutely perfect for travel, has moisture gel bars on top and bottom of the head, thus it works without a shaving gel/ soap. It has a very pleasant fragrance which I love, and it absolutely leaves the skin smooth. The heads are replaceable, and easily available separately.

The only con with the product is that the gel bars finishes off much faster before the blades actually runs out of its efficiency, and thus the blades requires to be replaced sooner.

Have you tried it yet ??




  • The product was sent to me as part of the campaign by the Brand #FeeltheBreeze, for which this blogpost isn’t a deliverable
  • The Instagram posts/ videos related to this product are sponsored**
  • All the pictures used above except the last one are not owned by me, they are taken form locally used images over Google. Incase anyone has issues with it, please do send me an email for the same, and I would take it down.




36 thoughts on “Moments you won’t have to miss, if you are Smooth”

  1. I have tried this ages ago when it wasn’t even available in India…I am not a shaving typa girl anyway…but back then I was and hated it. The gell bars dried off and weren’t fulfilling the purpose, and because they fell off as well, the bit that holds them was a pain to use….I loved it initially, as the hassle of using separate gel wasn’t required…Gilette has v superior quality blades, I always have a razor and refills handy just in case. I prefer the regular versions over this.

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