“New” Body Mists by NewU-Review/Picture/Details

NewU recently launched its body mists, and I have been using them for quite some time now, and here is the review of the same!

They launched it in three variants- Forever 16, Luscious Bloom and Royal Musk. I have Luscious Bloom and Forever 16 with me.

Added on 15th November 2017- They have come up with 2 more variants- True Sports & Free Spirit, and I got my hands on the Free Spirit variant.

These are body mists, and hence the concentration of perfume oils is less comparison to the perfumes.


They come is plastic bottles, and each variant has identifiable attractive sticker wrapping onto them and hence if you have more than one of these, they can be easily identified. The cap of the bottle comes off very easily, and hence it wouldn’t be a good idea to carry it in your bags, and also its quite bulky when its full.

Price, Quantity, Availability

These body mists retail for INR 399 for 250 m.l , which is quite affordable! They are available at the NewU Stores and on their official website-Click here


The Forever 16 variant, is very floral and fruity in fragrance, and is very sweet smelling mist, whereas on the other hand, Luscious Bloom is muskier in fragrance.

Added on 15th November 2017The free spirit variant also has a very floral fragrance. I am very bad at judging fragrances, but my sister says it smells like Jasmine :)!


Each of these body mists stay on for 1-2 hours on me after applying body lotion, which is quite decent for a Body Mist. I have not yet tested the mists in terms of their longevity without applying the body lotion.

My experience with the Product

I have been really liking these mists, in terms of their fragrance. I like to wear the Forever 16 Mist in the day time and Luscious Bloom at the Night time.

Added on 15th November 2017The true spirit variant can be worn by men and women both, as suggested by the brand and also I agree with it, as it has a very unisex fragrance though it has floral notes.

These mists do contain alcohol in the denatured form, so incase you are someone who is allergic to alcohol products, you would want to stay away from them. For me, that’s not an issue! Also, when applied on clothes, they do not leave any stains, which is YAY !!

So, I absolutely recommend these mists, incase you are on a budget and would like to add on a mist to your beauty closet!

Luscious Bloom, Body Mist (NewU)


Forever 16, Body Mist (NewU)



Free Spirit Body Mist


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