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Customize your Own Skin Care Product!

Hola  Srishfam!

So today, before I begin with the blog, I had put up a video on my youtube channel, this week, please do have a look, and subscribe, if you haven’t! It also has a GIVEAWAY, so do participate!  Link here

Today I am talking about a very interesting brand Freshistry which allows you to make your own skincare.



Making your own skincare ? A lot of questions right ?? Don’t worry I have got them all answered here!

So, I made my own skin care Moisturizer with Freshistry.

Have a look at their website once-  Link here

This brand allows you to customize your own skincare with the following options:

  1. Skin Type (My skin type is Oily)
  2. Texture of the Moisturizer- (I selected Body Whip)
  3. Herb Selection (I selected Basil)
  4. Tinge (I selected Sky Blue)
  5. Fragrance (I selected Love & Roses)
  6. Personalization ( I got my name printed- Srishti )

Have a look at the various steps in a slide show form! 🙂

FullSizeRender 2
Product Type



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


My experience with the Moisturizer:

I self brewed the Moisturizer with the above specifications. I selected Basil, which helps in tightening pores, and my moisturizer came in a dual phase texture. I like to use the mixture of the two for my entire face and the gel for my T-zone area. Well I would say, this moisturizer is non greasy, perfect for oily skin. However, with  an usage of over a month, I did not notice any tightening in the pores, may be I need to use it for longer time to see the results.



That’s my opinion about the Moisturizer. Have you tried it yet ?

Thanks for looping in again! Until next time,





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