One Product- 10 Uses !!!

Hi Srishfam,

How have you been   doing ?

Today I am attempting a new way of writing a blog. Do let me know incase you guys like it this way?

I have been using the  Oriflame Tender Care Balm for multiple purposes, thus thought of sharing it with you guys!

Oriflamme, Tender Care Lip Balm, Limited Edition, 50th Anniversary-Oriflame


  • As a Lip Balm
  • As a Nail cuticle cream 
  • As an Under eye cream
  • On my elbows and knees to make them soft
  • As a base for my eye shadows to make it last longer on my lids
  • For taming down the frizz of my hair, I apply it on my baby hair
  • On cracked heels, as a foot creme
  • On my wrist, before applying my perfume to make the perfume last longer
  • As a Hand Creme
  • On my eye lashes, as a Mascara Primer

I hope you can find some or the other use from it and hope this was useful 🙂


*Incase you are looking to buy this, you can get it  here




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