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Gurugram-based Property Review Start-up Marks Founder’s Birthday with a Memorable Day Out for Underprivileged Children

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I know you were expecting a beauty/Lifestyle Review or DIY this week, however, I am sharing this  for a social cause, and I promise to come back with my  regular beauty posts next week! Please do show your love on this article as well 🙂

Roofpik, a property review start-up based in Gurugram, chose to celebrate the birthday of its co-founder, Kanika S Katoch, in an innovative manner that gave back to the community in a special way.The company, in association with Dream Girl Foundation, an NGO that works to improve the lives of underprivileged children, treated 35 kids to a day of fun and learning in an encouraging environment. The day started with the children being brought down to Roofpik’s office at 91Springboard, Gurugram, following which they participated in a drawing competition. The creative outcomes of the activity ranged from sketches of classic characters such as Mickey Mouse to newer favourites such as Doraemon.

Commenting on the thought behind this offbeat celebration, Arpit Mittal, CEO – Roofpik said, “We celebrate our birthdays in radically different ways. We eat, drink, sing along, and generally have a fun time. But, most of those celebrations seem a little selfish, because we truly only celebrate ourselves. While one might say that’s the whole point of a birthday, we sometimes fail to utilize this special day of ours in a way that could mean more to the society that we live in.”





The art activity was then followed by an enthralling talent show, where the kids showed their dancing skills to groovy beats. Finally, the kids got together to play a few rounds of musical chairs; towards the end, even the adults joined in the fun. The kids jumped along and raced to grab that last chair and approached the game with a lot of fervour.

After a sumptuous lunch and desserts, it was time for the prize distribution ceremony and the kids were on the edge of their seats to know who the winners of the drawing competition would be. The winners beamed, but even the other kids clapped for them in unison.



“For the entire Roofpik team, the day transformed into something that meant more to us than it ever could. To see those smiles on the faces of the kids was something we would remember for all of our lives, and we would make sure to contribute more to the society in the best way that we can,” Kanika S Katoch, Co-Founder – Roofpik said.

The event was an extension of Roofpik’s commitment to community development and the pay-it-forward attitude. The company regularly ties up with charities and non-profit organizations to contribute to the upliftment of underserved communities.

Roofpik is a Gurugram based start-up, focusing on genuine property reviews, to act as a guide to those looking for the best place to rent in Gurugram.



{This post is in association with Roofpik}






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