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Himalaya Mouth Washes Review #DontbeanOnionHead

Himalaya is a  brand that I have been using since the time I entered my teenage. I have been a very loyal user of their Neem facewash and Oil Clear facewash since ages. Also, recently I have started using their Neem Peel off Mask, which I have been loving too. The best thing about the brand is that they are really effective and do not burn a hole in the Wallet.

Himalaya Herbals this time has come up with their newly launched Mouth Washes and I got a  chance to try them as well.

L-R: Papaya & Pineapple, Miswak & Pomegranate, Saunf & Mint

The have launched in the following variants:

1.Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash (Papaya and  Pineapple)

2.Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwash (NeemPomegranate and Miswak) and 

3.Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwash (Fennel and Mint) 

 These mouthwashes contains no alcohol and does not cause a burning sensation post use. They are fluoride-free and clinically tested.

Packaging, Price and Availability:

These come clear plastic bottles with caps which measures liquid upto 15 m.l. All the three variants are priced at INR 95 for 215 m.l  and are easily available on all Himalaya Stores and consumer stores. You can also buy these online here .

  1. Himalaya Sparkling White Mouthwash is a unique herbal formulation based on Plant Enzyme Technology from Papaya and Pineapple that gently removes surface stains on teeth in two weeks, leaving your teeth naturally white and sparkling. This no chemical bleach formula kills 99.9% of bacteria and provides up to 12 hours of protection from germs. I have used it for a week and half, and I feel that it has makes my breath fresher and cooler. I like to use it in the morning time, after I brush my teeth. Thus, this acts like a second protection to me teeth after toothpaste.This one should be apt for people with sensitive teeth as it does not cause any sensation in the mouth. However, I have not noticed any whitening of my teeth.


  1. ­Himalaya Complete Care Mouthwashis specially formulated with an active combination of NeemPomegranate and Miswak, to provide complete protection to strengthen teeth and gums.This one tastes a little sweet and hence I would recommend this to people who avoid mint flavour in their oral care. I like to use it in the night time and as this one instantly freshens up my breath and is said to kill germs.


  1. Himalaya Active Fresh Mouthwashis a refreshing herbal formulation especially power packed with Fennel and Mint to prevent mouth odour. This one is the most refreshing out of the three and I would recommend this to people who have mouth odour issues. I like to use this variant post having my favorite meal ie; Chicken Tikka with Pickled Onions. :p



Overall Rating: 4/5, and these are spexysrish approved 🙂 


 {PR Samples}



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