My Birthday Haul 2017 plus a little Chit Chat :)

So, #Srishfam, it was my birthday on the 3rd March 2017, and thus I shopped a bit, and you guys wanted me to do a Haul… so here it is….

I went on a date with my Mum… and shopped a Cute “Sorry No Sorry” Tee from H&M, Select City Walk. I really liked the Caption and the detailing at the arms. Here is a snap of it!

img_4105 IMG_4106.JPG

Then I went ahead and splurged on a bit on the Skin care Range at the Innisfree Store…. I picked up 2 Capsule Recipe Mask  in the variants- Aloe and Green Tea


Also, picked up the No- sebum Compact, which I am pretty excited to try out. This is a  translucent compact and is said to control sebum, since it is summers, I am pretty much looking forward to use it..


Also, I signed up for their membership and got a loyalty card, and since it was my birthday, the girl at the store gave me some gifts. She gave me their Green tree and Aloe Sheet masks, and also A new Members Kit, which consists of some of their best selling products- Green Tea Seed Serum, Orchid Face Cream, and Super Volcanic Pore Clay Mask. I shared a picture of the same on my Instagram as well. 🙂


Then, we went ahead for some coffee and tea at the Coffee Beans and Tea Leaf Coffee Shop. I tried their Vanilla Ice Blended Coffee with Garlic Bread and it was yummy. I  go a bit crazy when it comes to Food Clicks, so here they are:

IMG_4108.JPG IMG_4109.JPG

Next, up we went for Dinner at the Punjab Grill-Gourmet Fine Dining, Pacific Mall, and the food was amazing there as well.

IMG_4107.JPG img_4058

From the Pacific Mall, NewU, I also picked up the Chambor Liquid Lipstick in the Shade 482, and that’s all. I hope you all enjoyed it !





9 thoughts on “My Birthday Haul 2017 plus a little Chit Chat :)”

  1. I loved all that you got, especially the birthday gifts Innisfree offered 😁 loved your haul and seems your really enjoyed 😘🤗 also, I too love when it comes to food photography 😉😆

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