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Q/A-About Me!! Know me More :)


Hey Srishfam, so a few days back I asked you to post any questions for me and you guys really bounced back with questions. I am answering 10 questions from all of those and I  will try to combine questions which are of similar nature.

archugurus-  Are you single or married?

spexysrish- Single 🙂 Not married yet! 🙂 

gleamandglitters-Ride or die skincaremakeup products? 

spexysrish- My ride or die skin care products are going to be Aloevera Gel and Rosewater. Makeup Products- Loreal Infallible Foundation and all my lipstick. Sorry can’t choose 1 😦

thanmayeekrishna- What motivated you to start your blog? 

spexysrish-I started my blog because I love the cute little makeup and other general stuff around me. I am an oneomaniac and shopping makeup and beauty products is my passion. So, I thought to convert my passion into my profession and hence this blog 

niharikaverma22- Blog or Youtube ?

spexysrish-  No, doubt I started off with youtube, then came to micro-blogging Instagram, and now I have started blogging as well. I want to keep all three together however with a full time job, it gets difficult. However, soon I am going revamp my youtube channel and I am going to be regular soon with it. 

Sugerosh: Blogging as a profession, what are your views on it and is it a financially stable profession to do so ?

spexysrish: I would love to be a full-time blogger and I definitely see this profession to be a stable one.

dailydosesofbeauty- What you like more- Big brands or Good brands? 

spexysrish- Definitely good brands, which I believe will become big as well. 

taniastylefizz-How you deal when things go wrong or any negativity?

spexysrish- Just ignore it. I am a very positive person, I usually try and ignore negative things around me.

khadijabeautyblog- How do you see blogging- Passion or Business? 

spexysrish- Definitely as passion now, and it later stages  would love to earn my living out of this profession. 

theanvolyzer- Which is your favourite starbucks drink ?

spexysrish- Frapaccino Praline Mocha, as displayed in lot of my Instagram posts!  Lol 😛 

shopaholic_leo_4u- How do you deal with absolutely crappy products that are sent to you for reviewing. 

spexysrish- I express my honest opinion about the products or don’t review them. 


Please don’t worry, if your questions are not answered, I will definitely post more question and answers blogposts! Till then, keep reading, keep Smiling:)

Also, you can stay connected with me on all my social media’s linked below! 🙂 :*




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