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January Favourites!!

Hi Srishfam!

1st month of this year has come to its end, and I can’t believe it, the time is flying 🙂

So, I am sharing my January Favourites in this post 🙂

1. Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter

This one had to top the list, as I have been really enjoying using it, its quite hydrating on the skin and I love it to bits. Its makes my skin feel super soft, as its quite nourishing on the body, it comes in a huge tub and is going me to last me a long time. Himalaya has to be my favourite brand for body lotions, and this new innovation of the brand has not failed to impress me.



2. Greenberry Organics Strawberry Body Wash

Do you remember those days, when we used to love having Crème Biscuits, what used to be your favourite flavour? Mine was Strawberry Crème biscuits, using this body wash makes me feel nostalgic and I can completely relate to the fragrarance of this body wash to those yumilicious strawberry crème biscuits. This is so gentle and soft on the skin and I love it to bits. Amazing formulation, and is completely organic, natural and paraben free.


3. Inatur Tea Tree Oil

Since, I have very oily skin, and I like to use this tea tree oil for my acne scars. The blend technique of Tea tree oil and Aloevera Gel has been working quite well for my skin. The combination of both  has benefited my skin in many ways. I have a mini  Instagram review of the blend. You can find that by following spexysrish on Instagram!


4. Essenza Di Wills Perfume
My previous blogpost was all about this perfume, incase you have missed to check then you can go ahead and  check it out, I have reviewed it in detail.


5. Aroma Magic Facial Crème

Last but not the least, I am lately obsessed with the Facial Crème by Aroma Magic by Blossom Kocchar. I like to use it as the third step to my facial, ie after cleansing and scrubbing, I like to massage my skin with this magical crème in a jar form. I love it and I like to use this is on a weekly basis for my “At home Facials”. I also love the fact that this one is completely paraben free.


6. Fuschia Hand Crème

As January is the coldest month in Delhi, I always keep on moisturizing my hands with a hand crème, and Fuschia Cherry Hand and Nail Crème has come to my rescue this season. I have started to find means of using this more and more and this completely become a staple product for me when it comes to hand care. I like the fact, it keeps my hands moisturized for a long time and is absolutely non greasy. It also has a sweet fragrance, which I love 🙂


So, that were all of my January Favourites, if you liked it, then please do subscribe to my blog and keep reading, Keep Smiling 🙂



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