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Essenza Di Wills Perfume Review

All of us like to smell good, and hence perfumes and Deodorants play a very important part in our lives… Almost about two weeks ago, my mum gifted me a perfume by Wills Lifestyle- ESSENCE DI WILLS INIZIO FEMME (Made in France) Below is the detailed review !

Packaging: It comes in a golden hard cardboard box, and a deep red soft cardboard box. The primary packaging is a simple glass bottle yet classy. And also, it comes with a regular perfume spray form bottle.



Ingredients: Alcohal( denatured with 0.001% Denatonium Benzoate) , aqua, CI 15985(YELLOW6) are the major ingredients.


Quantity and Price: It comes in a 60 m.l bottle for INR 2450.

How I like it ?

I quite like the fragrance, its quite musky and gives and appearance of a confident women. For sure, its a Corporate women’s perfume, and I like to pair it with my Business Formals in office. It entirely complements my look and appearance. It stays on for quite a long time viz. 6-7 hours. And there is no day, when I wore this perfume to my office and didn’t get compliments for smelling good.

So, if you are looking for a perfume, which is not very highly priced, but yet gives you a classy feeling when you wear it, I would highly recommend this perfume to you all lovelies.

See you in my next post, till then, keep smiling, keep reading 🙂


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